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PostSubject: Application   Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:41 am

~Please copy and paste this in the "Post Applications Here!" section with all the answers.~

1 ) Character's Name

2 ) Main Job ?

3 ) All other Job Levels ?

4 ) Jobs you want Leved to 75 ?

5 ) What Time Zone (GMT) are you in ?

6 ) What Times do you play ?

7)Our weekend schedule (friday,saturday,sunday) is 2pm est how many of of those events do you feel you can make?

Cool How much of that time do you feel you Can / Should put to TheDecepts events ?

9) What do you think a Good Ls member is?

10) What Rank are you in your Home Nation ?

11) Zm, Cop, Toau where are you as far as these missions are concerned?

12 ) Are you checking out Different Sky Shells to find a good fit ?

13 ) What do you feel you should get out of TheDecepts ?

14 ) What do you feel you should put into to TheDecepts ?

15) Mark One with an [X]

[ ] I want a LinkShell that is already going on Sky runs and has a list of people already waiting on there God Gear.

[ ] I want a LinkShell that is in the early stages of mastering Sky God, where it's a fair plaing field for everyone to learn and grow.

16) Anyone who will vouch for you in TheDecepts ?

17) Even if new to End Game, what can you bring with you to TheDecepts ?

18) What were the last 2 linkshells you were in and what will they tell me about you if we asked about you ?

19 ) What was the cuase for you leaving your shell ?

20) Where do you see yourself in the game 6 months from now ?

21) List 3 things you want from the shell when joining up over the 1st 6 months .

22) Do you have access to Ventrillo?

23) Will real life stresses translate to how you will be on the game that specfic day?

24)(3 part question)We are a linkshell trying to grow in skill and in size do you think adding you to this shell would help add skill to our linkshell and how? Would you have a problem bring in a friend to join the Ls?

( Reason behind the last part of question 24 is we are a family as well as a linkshell and its always more fun and easier to play with people you already are familar.)

25) What do you think the responbility of a Ls leader is and what is the responisbility of a shell memeber?

26) Are you a inpulsive person or patient person?

~Please check back as all of are members have a say in applacants and may have follow of questions based on your answers.~
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